Upcoming events

Yappy Hour

Join us for the Yappy Hour of the year, hosted by the Social Light Business Club and ​The Fitchburg Dog Park.

Tuesday July, 23rd


Thirsty Robot Brewing, Fitchburg MA

Free and open to the public, Pups Welcome!

  • Network and enjoy prizes
  • Cash bar available
  • Support our local dog park
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Interested in donating to the Fitchburg Dog Park? Click here

The Lunch Club

Join us for our Professionals and Entrepreneurs Lunch! Enjoy great food while ​collaborating, mingling, and networking with like-minded individuals. Don't miss this ​fantastic opportunity to connect and elevate your business!

*Lunch Included

Tuesday, August 13th

Noon- 1:30PM

Asian Imperial, Lunenburg MA

Member Events

Members Only Dinner

The Members Only Dinner is a monthly gathering exclusively for members, held at various locations ​throughout the region. It's an opportunity for members to come together, chat, and enjoy an ​evening out with great food and company. Members are welcome to bring whomever they wish to ​join the festivities, and each party will be responsible for their own tab.

Members Mastermind

Our members-only Mastermind Meeting is the perfect opportunity for professionals to come ​together and brainstorm innovative ideas. This exclusive gathering fosters collaboration and ​creativity, allowing members to share their expertise, tackle challenges, and develop actionable ​strategies. Join us for an enriching session where great minds meet to inspire and elevate each ​other's success.

Members Only Power Hour

During this time, members can come together to work, collaborate, and hold each other ​accountable. It's a dedicated period for members to focus on their tasks, engage in productive ​discussions, and benefit from the collective motivation and support of the group.


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