Public Events

Thursday, June 20th, 5PM-7Pm at Launch In Leominster, Free Activities, Appetizers and a Cash Bar!

21 +Only*

Member Events

Members Only Dinner

The Members Only Dinner is a monthly gathering exclusively for members, held at various locations throughout the region. It's an opportunity for members to come together, chat, and enjoy an evening out with great food and company. Next Dinner, Thursday, June 13, at Dario’s in Fitchburg MA at 7PM. Members are welcome to bring whomever they wish to join the festivities, and each party will be responsible for their own tab.

Members Only Power Hour

The Members Only Power Hour is a weekly event at the SLBC headquarters, held on Thursday of each week from 9am to 12pm. During this time, members can come together to work, collaborate, and hold each other accountable. It's a dedicated period for members to focus on their tasks, engage in productive discussions, and benefit from the collective motivation and support of the group.


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