• Access to the Members only page

  • Exclusive member only events

  • Members can become ambassadors, earning a percentage of the sales

  • Membership grants access to special discounts on sponsorships

  • Discounts on events hosted by the club

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2024 Official Membership Information can be expected by January 22nd

Monthly Mastermind Lunch

Join our Mastermind Lunch, a monthly gathering of industry professionals on the third Tuesday of each month at ReBoot Restaurant in Lunenburg MA at Noon. This exclusive session provides a unique platform for professionals to come together, share innovative ideas, and expand both their networks and knowledge. Engage in dynamic discussions and collaborative thinking. Expand your professional experience and join us at the Mastermind Lunch for a transformative exchange of insights and connections. Starts Tuesday February 20, 2024

*Lunch and soft drink/coffee included.

Being a member

Attend events to elevate your network, or elevate your involvement by recruiting members and sponsors, earning a percentage of sales!

The Social Light Business Club membership offers a dynamic platform that allows individuals to tailor their experience based on their goals and aspirations. The membership is not just a mere affiliation; rather, it is a versatile tool that empowers members to actively shape their professional journey.

One of the primary benefits of the membership is the access it provides to exclusive networking events. These gatherings serve as a fertile ground for expanding one's professional network. Members have the opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals, potential collaborators, and industry leaders, fostering relationships that can open doors to new opportunities, collaborations, and insights.

Beyond networking, the membership extends tangible benefits, including discounts on events hosted by the club. This not only makes attendance more accessible but also encourages active participation in a variety of enriching activities. Members can leverage these discounts to attend galas, mixers and workshops that align with their interests and professional development goals.

Moreover, the membership grants access to special discounts on sponsorships. This feature is particularly valuable for individuals or businesses looking to elevate their brand visibility. Members can take advantage of reduced sponsorship rates to showcase their products or services at club events, reaching a targeted audience and enhancing their market presence.

A unique aspect of the Social Light Business Club membership is the opportunity for members to become ambassadors of the club. This involves the ability to sell memberships and sponsorships to other individuals or businesses. This not only allows members to actively contribute to the growth of the club but also presents an opportunity for them to earn a percentage of the sales they generate. It transforms the membership from a passive engagement to an entrepreneurial venture, where members can capitalize on their networking skills and business acumen to create a source of income.

In essence, the Social Light Business Club membership is a versatile tool that empowers individuals to actively engage with their professional community. It goes beyond the traditional boundaries of a club membership by offering a spectrum of opportunities – from networking to financial incentives – all geared towards supporting members in their professional growth and success. Whether one is looking to expand their connections, enhance their brand visibility, or even create an additional revenue stream, the membership provides the framework for individuals to make the most of their professional journey.

Feel free to reach out with any additional questions.