Membership grants access to special events and discounts on sponsorships and club events.

Members receive 15% off all sponsorship levels

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Member Events

Monthly Soiree - Complementary Entry (5/22/24)

The Social Light Business Club soirées are exclusive networking parties where professionals can connect, share ideas, and build relationships in a sophisticated setting. These events often include business networking, socializing, and entertainment, providing a unique opportunity to expand one's professional network in a lively atmosphere. Learn More

Mastermind Lunch

Join our Mastermind Lunch, held monthly at ReBoot Restaurant in Lunenburg MA. Connect with industry professionals, share innovative ideas, and engage in dynamic discussions. Expand your network and knowledge at this exclusive event. Learn More

Members Only Dinner

The Members Only Dinner is a monthly gathering exclusively for members, held at various locations throughout the region. It's an opportunity for members to come together, chat, and enjoy an evening out with great food and company. These dinners provide a relaxed and social atmosphere for members to connect and unwind while exploring different dining venues in the area. Next Dinner, Thursday, May 2nd at Zapata Mexican Cocina in Fitchburg MA at 6:30PM RSVP BY 4:30PM Members are welcome to bring whomever they wish to join the festivities, and each party will be responsible for their own tab.

Members Only Power Hour

The Members Only Power Hour is a weekly event at the SLBC headquarters, held on Thursday of each week from 9am to 12pm. During this time, members can come together to work, collaborate, and hold each other accountable. It's a dedicated period for members to focus on their tasks, engage in productive discussions, and benefit from the collective motivation and support of the group.

Being a member

The Social Light Business Club offers exclusive membership benefits tailored to professionals seeking networking opportunities and business growth. Membership grants access to a vibrant community of like-minded individuals, facilitating valuable connections and collaborations.

As a member, you'll enjoy significant discounts on club events, networking mixers and soirees. These events provide platforms for knowledge exchange, skill development, and relationship building, enhancing your professional repertoire and expanding your network. Additionally, members receive preferential rates for sponsoring club events, allowing your company to gain visibility among a targeted audience of business leaders and influencers.

By joining the Social Light Business Club, you not only invest in your personal and professional development but also position your company for increased visibility and growth opportunities within the dynamic business landscape.